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The master list of mindmapping authority sites
Category: Mind mapping links & resources
Lists of links relevant to mind mapping.
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3D Topicscape - 3D Topicscape software, mind maps directory
Directory of mindmaps from across the Web
BestPriceComputers - Hardware manufacturer but with some reference material.
Summary of mind mapping
Biggerplate - A mind map library. You can upload your own MindManager mind maps, explore, or browse and download other mappers work.
The main page of this site
Eric Mack Online - Eric Mack's blog
The mind mapping archive from Eric's blog
IQ Matrix Gallery - Amazing source for beautiful and informative mind maps.
A Gallery of the work of Adam Sicinski
Lifehacker - Blog about getting things together in a digital world
Mindmapping search on Lifehacker
Mappio - Once a web-based mind mapping application that could build maps from from structured text, this is now a mind map library. (The text appplication is still there - see the link "Plain Text" at the top right of the main page.
Entry point for this web-based mind mapping application
MapYourMind - Information site about mind maps and mind mapping software
Front page of the site
Mind Map Art - Gallery of beatifully-drawn mind maps.
The main page
Mind Map Inspiration - Paul Foreman's site of mind maps and mind map drawing techniques. A stimulating site of hand-drawn mind maps.
The Mind Map Inspiration Gallery
Mind Map Options - Open resource for mind map user
Front page of the site
MindMapPedia - Mind map library
Main page of this site
Mind-mapping.org - The master list of software that supports knowledge management and information organisation in graphical form. This is MindMapSearch.org's mother site.
Mind mapping articles collection.
Front page of the site - entry point for information on every mind mapping software package known. Has links to software publishers' sites, screenshots, brief descriptions and price information. No ads!
MindMappingStrategies.com - Good introductory mind mapping resources that covers information management and planning as well
Front page of the site
Nancy Margulies MINDSCAPES - Nancy's colourful and fascinating site mainly for introducing her artistic mindscapes and services
Front page of the site
Visualstrategist - Kyle McFarlin's excelent blog about MindManager in everyday life.
Downloads page for Kyle's free Visual Strategist set of mind map templates
WikIT, the mind mapping wiki - This is a wiki about mind mapping, concept mapping and other information diagrams. It has many useful articles with examples of practical use.
A list of major articles in this wiki. A good starting point.
Xplane - A company providing consulting advice in using visual mapping methods to initiate change.
Front page of the site
Articles on mind mapping
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Information management
Mind mapping, education & training
Mind mapping and productivity
Mindmappers' blogs
Mind mapping books
Mind mapping communities
Mind mapping for innovation & creativity
Mind mapping in project management
Mind mapping links & resources
Mind mapping software
Mind mapping software (web-based)
Squidoo lenses about mind mapping
Videos about mind mapping
Wikipedia on mind mapping

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