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The master list of mindmapping authority sites
Category: Mind mapping in project management
Mind maps and add-on tools can help a lot in organising small to medium-sized projects. Pages in this category cover these tools and methods to help you take full advantage of them.
Add to Flipboard Magazine.
3D Topicscape - 3D Topicscape software, mind mapping articles
Article about using mind mapping in project planning
AssistiveTek - Blog on mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology
Front page of the blog
ConceptDraw family of products - ConceptDraw family of products
ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw MINDMAP for projects
Controlling Chaos - Project Management blog and podcast
Front page of the blog
InnovationTools - A collection of resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming, including information about many different types of software, resource pages and e-books.
An article discussing the application of mind mapping software to project management..
Mind2Chart - A MindManager add-in for project planning
The front page
Mind-mapping.org - The master list of software that supports knowledge management and information organisation in graphical form. This is MindMapSearch.org's mother site.
Articles about mind mapping and project management.
Reforming Project Management - Blog about project management
Article: Mind map your way to project success
WikIT, the mind mapping wiki - This is a wiki about mind mapping, concept mapping and other information diagrams. It has many useful articles with examples of practical use.
A list of major articles in this wiki. A good starting point.
Articles on mind mapping
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Information management
Mind mapping, education & training
Mind mapping and productivity
Mindmappers' blogs
Mind mapping books
Mind mapping communities
Mind mapping for innovation & creativity
Mind mapping in project management
Mind mapping links & resources
Mind mapping software
Mind mapping software (web-based)
Squidoo lenses about mind mapping
Videos about mind mapping
Wikipedia on mind mapping

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