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The master list of mindmapping authority sites
Category: Mind mapping communities
On-line groups where discussions about mind maps, mind mapping software and the various add-ons make up a significant part of the material at the site. The Razor-sharp mind mapping search engine cannot reach the members-only content at some of these groups, so you may need to join and use the group's own search function. I am now collecting information about forums and groups for specific software and will add that over time.
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Brain Tech group at Yahoo! - The refocused successor to the personalbrain group. It serves as "an independent, unofficial, and open group discussing TheBrain"
Front page of the newsgroup.
D*I*Y Planner - A community of people who see the value of paper in planning, productivity, creative expression, and exploring ideas.
Creating a Web of Ideas: An Intro to Mind Maps
Buzan-Stype Mind Maps
Mind Mapping a Project from Start to Finish
Mind Mapping Resources and Wrap-up
My Macawber mind maps
Mind Mapping for Business
Mindmapping Papers
Del.icio.us - Social bookmarking
del.icio.us tagged "mindmapping"
del.icio.us tagged "mindmap"
GTD with MindManager - a Tech group at Yahoo! - Independent GTD/MindManager newsgroup on Yahoo! This group is for current and potential users of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system, who are using Mindjet's MindManager(R) business mapping software.

JUDE Users Community - JUDE's product users community
Front page of the JUDE user community
MindManager.Wiki - Project group to create interfaces between MindManager and wiki software.
Front page of the newsgroup.
Mindmappers Ning - Community for enthusiasts of MindManager, and mindmapping as an effective business tool.
Front page of the site
XMind Users Ning - A community for XMind users.
Main page
Yahoo! MindManager newsgroup - Public newsgroup - free membership
Front page of the newsgroup.
Yahoo! MindManager user-group - Independent MindManager user-group on Yahoo!

Yahoo! MM MeetUps group - A small Yahoo group for MindManager meetings and events. "This is for people who want to find MindManager people".
Main page of the group. Membership required.
Articles on mind mapping
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Information management
Mind mapping, education & training
Mind mapping and productivity
Mindmappers' blogs
Mind mapping books
Mind mapping communities
Mind mapping for innovation & creativity
Mind mapping in project management
Mind mapping links & resources
Mind mapping software
Mind mapping software (web-based)
Squidoo lenses about mind mapping
Videos about mind mapping
Wikipedia on mind mapping

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